Anywhere Fireplace Outdoor Tabletop Torch-Copper Cone (1 pc)

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These modern design torches come in 2 styles, cylinder and cone shape, and have matching 65″ tall stake versions as well. One or more can be placed on any flat surface to radiate glorious light and repel insects to insure your outdoor time is most enjoyable. Clean sophisticated lines in a stainless steel finish that will enhance any outdoor atmosphere whether it’s a barbecue, outdoor games, or any evening gathering around the patio, deck, yard or pool. The Anywhere Garden Torches™ use citronella or lamp fuel and comes with a snuffer cap for safe and easy extinguishing. A funnel is recommended for use when filling the fuel.

Size 10.5 tall 3.5″ diameter base and top

Uses citronella fuel or lamp oil fuel
High Quality Stainless Steel for long time outdoor use
Contemporary Design
Light and insect protection to any outdoor area
Sits on any flat steady surface

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